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A postpartum physical therapy checkup is a comprehensive evaluation performed by a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor and post partum care. Your body has undergone some amazing changes to welcome your newborn. Your posture has changed, there are changes in hormones that cause laxity in your muscles, ligaments and joints, and there are changes in pelvic floor structural and muscular support from being pregnant and giving birth.

What to expect

What is Postpartum Physical Therapy Checkup?

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During your post partum recovery you may have neck or shoulder pain from feeding your baby, have back or pelvic pain, experience incontinence, or be unsure of how to resume normal activity or exercise. Every mom benefits from physical therapy to help you heal, comfortably care for your newborn, and safely return to being active.

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  • A detailed medical history
  • Review of your concerns and post partum goals
  • A thorough assessment of your posture, spinal and pelvic alignment, movement patterns, strength and mobility
  • An abdominal wall assessment to include diastasis recti test and your ability to correctly engage your deep core muscles
  • Examination of breathing patterns
  • Scar assessment: cesarean or perineal
  • Pelvic floor evaluation to assess for prolapse, pain, weakness, tone and coordination. An internal assessment may be performed if consented by MD and patient
  • After the evaluation, your physical therapist will determine if you would benefit from physical therapy treatment, a custom home exercise program, a return to running program, or referral to another specialist.